Banksy: Peace is Tough
Banksy: Peace is Tough

Banksy: Peace is Tough


Artist: Banksy

Title: Peace Is Tough

Medium: Stencil and Spray Paint on Plaster 

Provenance: Jamie Reed: Peace is Tough Exhibition (The Arches Glasgow) 2001

This is a chance to own a true one off. Pest Control never have and never will give COA's for work from the wild, however this piece comes direct from the restorers who removed the piece at the bequest of the owners where it was originally painted in Glasgow. The piece features in Steve Lazarides (Banksy's agent at the time) book and has a full documented time line from the owners and restorers as to where it arrived, for sale today. This is not going to be a 'click button' purchase so please get in touch with gallery owner Ben Heslop directly if you require information regarding this stunning example of Banksy's work in the wild.Date: 2001

Size: 54" x 54"


Price: poa

50% off our fee from this sale will be donated to

Email or call +447984672735