You’ll recognise Stik’s iconic work as soon as you see it – his black-lined figures appear simple at first, then bowl you over with their charm! Ingeniously lurking in nooks and walls worldwide, they're packed full of emotion and attitude. 

Initially, his ‘Stik-figures’ popped up around East London, helping to voice concerns of the locals being prized out. At that time, he himself was either squatting or living at St Mungo’s hostel in Hackney ­– vital experiences that root his art to this day. Now his witty style lends a hand to voices all over, from Germany to Jordan. He’s created murals that act as powerful emblems of resistance and keeps coming up with ideas to challenge the art market place he, sometimes uncomfortably sits within. The near impossible task of bridging the gap between the high price his prints command and making his art accessible to those he wants to reach on a more personal level is one I have so much respect for and not one many artists of his standing would undertake.


We love that his style grew out of necessity; as he’s said,

“Six lines and two dots was the quickest way to draw a human figure without getting caught”


Although he creates works under the radar, councils have quickly embraced it, with the NHS and the British Council recognising his pieces as valuable assets.

The cheeky figures are near irresistible. They playfully transcend language barriers, capturing the recognisable dialect of the body; each with its own story to tell. It is an agility that knows no bounds – famously in 2014, he created Britain’s tallest mural. He’s also worked with numerous charities, produced his own retrospective book, and collaborated with Thierry Noir.

At Landmark Street Art we aim to extend this agility, lending a hand to any private collectors who are interested in selling a certified Stik artwork. We know how to get it to that truly passionate buyer, and all the Stik pieces we’ve facilitated are always carefully checked and COA approved.

Get in touch if you have a piece to sell or are after your own simple yet wonderful slice of the wonderful world Stik creates.