Harland Miller

Harland Miller Prints For Sale

“Painting is the worst medium to express narrative, but perhaps the best to hit a nerve.”

Nostalgic imagery collides with acerbic wordplay in Harland Miller’s razor-sharp take on vintage Penguin book covers.

Taking the quintessentially British image, the artist adds his own sardonic titles to create unflinching yet playful pastiches of the iconic cultural touchstone. Thought After Filthy Thought. Fuck Art Let’s Dance. Incurable Romantic Seeks Dirty Filthy Whore. You Can Rely on Me, I’ll Always Let You Down. 

These are bold designs, inspired by the purity of 50s and 60s art, that “throw emphasis on the title” – and expertly control how we read it. Conflicting with the classic appearance of a well-worn, well-thumbed, well-loved novel, we see sharp, uncomfortably familiar statements about life’s quirks and our own fractured psyche. 

“There's always been this compunction to write on pictures.”

Harland Miller Prints For Sale

The best way to experience the vitality of this art is by seeing it in person. Hanging a Miller print on your wall gives you the opportunity to truly absorb the impact of his work.

Embedded in the art scene for over 30 years, the LSA gallery and workshop builds highly personal relationships with artists, buyers, and sellers. We’re proud to feature Harland Miller as part of our exclusive collection, offering the finest quality prints – so you can bring that clash of adult cynicism and a childhood love of books into your own home.

The artist revealed to the FT that his loyal fanbase “take the titles personally. In fact, they write to me, telling me what they mean to them.” Our collection of prints from Harland Miller let you find the ones that speak to you.

Or, as Miller’s 2013 masterpiece tells us:

Wherever You Are, Whatever You’re Doing, This One’s For You

Harland Miller Prints For Sale

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