Will Prince

Born in the North West of England, Will Prince has unlike most artists from this area been inspired by the Hip Hop community and created a cult like fan base. He creates bold, expressive, pop art inspired portraits of Hip Hop musicians and other cultural icons.

As a child Will would constantly draw and sites the Cartoons, Comics and Computer Games of his younger days as a big inspiration. As his talent progressed Will looked to the masters of Pop Art for inspiration, Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein etc. Will would go on to eventually create his own unique style of illustration and digital art.

Catching the buzz of the internet early and making natural connections Will had his debut exhibition at the iconic shoe store Nice Kicks in Austin, Texas during the world renowned festival South by Southwest. Since then Will has went on to Exhibit his work in, New York, Chicago and London’s famous pop up mall Boxpark. Will’s work has been featured on MTV, Complex Magazine, most recently he collaborated on a campaign for Puma.

Famous Icons such as Kim Kardashian, Chance The Rapper, Travis Scott and Rick Ross have all acknowledged Will’s work!  We look forward to what the future has in store for this young local Artist. 

His work is very expressive and his lines in the work seem to have a life of their own, which create exaggerated yet real portraits. What I like the most about Will Prince’s work, is that his style is completely his own. Its wacky, serious, charming and funny.” - Phillip Butah

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