While Vhils has gained prominence for carved portraits both inside and out he still has a very strong print market.  I was first confronted by his amazingly strong deconstructive imagery of the first protester to die, Serhiy Nigoyan, in Kiev when travelling there in 2018. It quite literally stopped me in my tracks.

                   Image From The Guardian Newspaper

Having created work at the now legendary Cans Festival alongside Banksy in 2008, the link with Steve Lazarides started who he later released several prints with.

Originally from Portugal and now splitting his time between there and London, Vhils subjects matter is often quite political and he has a liking for taking the 'unknown' protagonist and making them the star.  The whole process of breaking things down to create fits this vision very nicely.

Vhils has a real flare for his deconstructive form to end up being very constructive and creative and his following worldwide proves his imagery and messages really speak to many.  Be it concrete, wood, metal, paper or collage his unique and striking work is highly collectable.
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