In his own words Stik plainly states "Using just six lines and two dots was the quickest way to paint the human figure without getting caught"  And look where he has taken it.  The now iconic figures Stik has produced all over the world conjure up so much emotion, convey so much of  story, sometimes by design and other times by accident on a very personal level to each of the viewers.  Rooted strongly in activism and using his work to highlight causes from mental health, to homelessness, civil rights to renewable energy, Stik has transcended all previous boundaries for the good of so many.  Plus lets not forget these little (or sometimes huge!) guys are just so god damn endearing!  We don't know Stik personally but  occasionally we get pieces before us from our private collectors. No piece will ever be considered without full COA and without being in perfect condition.

*We donate 20% of our profit from any secondary Stik Sale to one of our designated charities
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