Pure Evil

Pure Evil Prints - ObamaCharles Uzzell-Edwards is a graffiti and street artist known better known as Pure Evil. From the early days tagging his now world recognised bunny with vampire teeth, to bold stencil's street installations and mixed media pieces, his rise to fame has been well deserved.  He is the son of the late Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards.

The name Pure Evil is very tongue in cheek. Charley says, "it's a license to have fun with dark imagery. It reflects the darkness that's in the world right now. You can't just ignore it and do a nice picture of a unicorn. Unless it's a unicorn with a rocket launcher on its head".

In the 90's he lived in California working as a clothing designer. He was producing screen-printed t-shirt graphics and became involved in the electronic music scene in San Francisco. As a result he attended many raves and ingested a lot of weapon grade Psychedelics.ᅠ

Pure Evil's street art began in California, where he would paint DUMP BUSH on freeways and MURDERERS on gun stores. After years of being influenced by California and by West Coast graffiti art, he returned to London and began forging his own way over here...which started as painting weird fanged Pure Evil bunny rabbits everywhere!

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