Phoebe Bell

Phoebe describes herself as "a young artist with big ideas who finds the experience of creating absolutely liberating." Her work plays with the idea of taking something seemingly intangible and making it visual. 

"The visual embodiment of the experience of expressing yourself... The emotion, the freedom, the feeling, the moment… This is what I love capturing."
Phoebe in her own words:

"My personal connection with dance and movement deeply influences my artwork. I think that dancing is such a bold form of human expression as the person takes their body as a brush to paint something in the space, pouring themself into every detail of movement to create something. I find the nature of painting much the same, having danced and painted for years alongside each other, so, they’ve begun to evolve into becoming one as I create."
We have had the pleasure of working with Phoebe to bring to you some of her photographic studies and her original oils, we also have organised mural painting with Phoebe and her work can be seen on Street Art Cities


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