Martin Evans

Based in Carlisle, Cumbria, Martins strong background in graphic design influences and informs the composition of all his work.


Martin Says :

"Art is a tool for me to capture the beauty of the world around us in my own vision, breathing new life into traditional subjects such as landscapes and the natural world by incorporating contemporary tools and techniques along with the use of vibrant colour palettes and bold mark making."

Using spray paint, pallet knives and paint rollers. Spray paint, acrylic paint and oil pastel means Martins free form of working allows him to develop a rich and deep texture pallet to his pieces, they feel very free and liberating.

More recently we commissioned Martin to create his first large scale street piece for which he received lots of press attention and praise from artists and the wider community.  Martin say "I believe it is always important to push yourself with new materials and techniques. I am always experimenting to move my work forward"

We have a selection of his original works and his iconic Lake District Coordinates print series.  For commissions on canvas or on the streets please email directly to

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