Lucie Flynn

Lucie Flynn

After having a successful career as a freelance textile designer in London Lucie Flynn was offered a studio space in the heart of Shoredtich - She shared the space with an artist who taught her the basics in preparing canvases and before she knew it, was exhibiting paintings in the surrounding area - primarily concentrating on portraits of her social group at that time and then moving on to an ongoing 'Cow Series' - the first of which was purchased by Banksy for his friend Damien Hirst. 

Coincidentally she later had a long spell working in one of Damien’s London Studios as an Art Technician and Managerial Assistant, Now living in Surrey, in 2017 set up her own studio and website - currently Lucie is revisiting her 'Cow Series’ alongside a personal project of portraits.

 Lucie says:

"Typically my style leaves a lot to chance, mixing a variety of mediums to acrylic and spray paint. Many layers of paint are applied to the canvas, wiping away, and reapplying new blocks or sections in a considered manner -  nothing can appear to look perfect or too finished in the traditional sense."

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