Lucie Flynn

Lucie Flynn uses combinations of spray paint, acrylics, and ink to build her lyrical compositions.

Employing bright, sometimes clashing palette with bold sweeps and splatters, her paintings are layered investigations of chance, colour and form - layers pulse and crackle on the canvas surface, while washes transform sections, creating unusual areas of fluidity. 

Flynn spent many years painting works under the name “Damien Hirst” at his art factory - her work was featured in Vogue, as part of the “Art Below” London Underground poster series and on the BBC. The artists work has been making waves recently in her old stomping ground Shoreditch, with a large-scale billboard portrait that plays more with an abstracted way of laying down the paint.

Her studies of cows are her most commercially successful series so far and they stand for “a calm, spiritual state of mind, patience and strength”.

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