James Thistlethwaite


I met James at Moniker Art Fair back in 2019 and while talking all things art, shared friends, interests and pencils it came out he too was an artist...I say it came out because, unlike his work, James is so unassuming and humble it was as if he nearly forgot to tell me!  The talent to create such in depth and large scale pieces using the modest household charcoal pencil is just staggering.  They say the pen is mightier than the sword...James so beautifully proves that the pencil is mightier than both...in the right hands.


James Thistlethwaite is a British artist currently living in California working with pencil and other dry mediums. Before starting his MFA in Painting at Laguna Collage of Art and Design James worked with artists such as Kehinde Wiley and world renowned street artist Ben Eine. James has also worked for clients such as the NYTimes, Red Bull and throughout the music and fashion industry with his freelance illustration, and graphic design. 

Watch The Video Here On This amazing Project
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