Ben Eine

Ben Eine is widely regarded as one of the most successful street artists in the world today.  He has taken the street tag and explored it further into highly detailed and beautiful graffiti letterforms inventing his own unique fonts and text forms.

Eine’s work is featured in the permanent collections of the V&A London, The Museum of Modern Art Los Angeles and many private collections and galleries worldwide, thus proving that his work is definitely cemented in the history of Street Art forever.

In 2010 David Cameron gave a piece of Eine's artwork to President Obama as a gift which propelled him into the limelight. Shoreditch in London is home to many large scale unique pieces by Ben Eine spanning bridges, whole buildings and hoardings.  Eine is involved in many multinational advertising campaigns and private commissions.  Watch out for his 70,000 square foot (yes you read that correctly!) work for Zippo, that may be the largest piece of artwork in the world ever!

We are pleased to offer some unique and highly collectable original works by Ben Eine that can not be found anywhere else. They are truly things of beauty. Follow our instagram account for pictures of Ben and his latest works. Or browse our collection of Ben Eine's original alphabet artwork below:

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