Angry Dan

Angry Dan Artist

Angry Dan is a London-based artist and poet. He writes limericks about all aspects of modern life and culture, and paints them as bold, colourful street murals and studio canvases.

He has exhibited work at the V&A, Art The Arms Fair, Jealous Gallery, and Glastonbury Festival. He is currently creating a treasure hunt of his limerick murals in East London, commissioned by the Mayor's London Borough of Culture 2019. 

An accomplished musician, Dan caught the attention of Boy George and Graham Coxon with his dark parody of Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World, written for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The Canary described it as '...the must hear protest song of the summer'.

His animated short film, The Man Who Stood Still Forever, was described as '...ingenious' by The London Economic, and was selected for The Shortest Nights Film Festival.

He recently joined literary agent, Bell Lomax Moreton, to publish a book of illustrated limericks.

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