Ame72 (pronounced Aim) describes himself as "a modern day Graffiti, Street & Pop artist with a background in graphic design, innovation and technology." Having painted graffiti and street art since 1985, Ame has developed a style which is a creative mix of Urban, Contemporary and Pop Art.  He creates art inspired by emotion and reaction, which can be seen most in his extensive body of positive street works in Bethlehem. He also painted numerous mini figures around the world, Including New York, London & Tel Aviv

"Making art has its highs and lows, frustration and elation but above all it is about the euphoria of creating something from nothing into something I can look at which makes me feel alive” Ame72

With ever increasing popularity, Ame72 works have gained a diverse following of collectors, from adult Lego fans to Hollywood celebrities, Royalty and the even the discernible collector who prefers to remove works from the street!

Due to his prolific use of the mini figure in his street stencil works, born out of an obsession with the little figures he had as a child after his family telly died...and was never replaced, Ame72 is also known as ‘The Lego Guy’.

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