Who Are The Connor Brothers?


        Who Are The Connor Brothers

If their website is to be believed they are “Twins Franklyn and Brendan Connor who were brought up within a secretive and highly controversial cult known as ‘The Family’. Born out of the hippy movement in 1968 and founded by David Berg.”  

When they first came to land in the middle of the an uber trendy art scene in London, the story which featured recounts such as “the twins were deprived of access to information from outside of their commune” and facts like  “Having been starved of information for so many years Franklyn and Brendan were initially overwhelmed by the outside world ...this interaction developed into making art together” sounded amazing and fitted their work perfectly.   This all added to the intrigue about this pair now working out of New York and Missouri.

In fact The men behind the Connor Brothers, can be found in their London studio and answer to the names Mike & James, not Brendan and Franklyn!  Their own personal story is, like their cover, not straight forwards as is often the way.  The truth maybe not quite as strange as the fiction however they had “begun to work together as a form of therapy, inventing the identity of the Connor Brothers as a cloak to cover the ‘shame’ that both felt about their lives, and to protect themselves from the discomfort of public exposure.” (Mick Brown Oct 2014 in the Telegraph)

The Connor Brothers Pulp FictionThe Connor Brothers Pulp Fiction

After their work sold at many shows leading up to pieces appearing at Bonhams and Christie’s, the rouse became more cumbersome and limiting as opposed to helpful and fun, so they outed themselves in 2014.  By now various projects including the mixed media work they created under the pseudonym of Dr Viktor Schroeder, including a fake biography that was a compendium of melancholic assemblages of found objects, which they actually curated and cased themselves, had led to them to play around with the fictitious book title ‘A Load of Fuss About Fuck All’, (with the cover hinting to be work of William Shakespeare) this developed to their studio now being littered full of old Mills & Boon paperbacks and pulp-romance comics becoming the now iconic "Pulp Fiction series of work.

The Connor Brothers

As Mick Brown states:

“In art-speak you might call it a satirical juxtaposition of found materials. As a pastime it seemed like what you might, more simply, call a bit of a laugh.” (Telegraph Oct 2014).

The Conner Brothers A Load Of Fuss About Fuck All

Mike states ‘We created a story that may add interest to the work, but I don’t believe anybody has bought a picture because of the story" (Telegraph Oct 2014).  

And it is easy to see why as their work has rapidly found a worldwide appeal and following on many levels often selling out within days.  Finally to sum up as Hubert Weinstein so elegantly puts it:

The Connor Brothers art work explores the boundary between truth and fiction, and raises questions about how we construct meaning from experience. the artist punch a hole in our every day construction of reality, allowing us to catch a glimpse of an altogether larger world with infinitely more possibilities.” 

...Or did he!


Author Ben Heslop

We are lucky enough to work with Mike and James directly and the originals and limited edition pieces we offer on our site all come with full COA straight from their studio.  Follow the link below:

The Connor Brothers