We Like Static. Hold On ... We LOVE Static!

We Like Static Static Street Art Chinook Chandelier

We Like Static. Hold On ...
We LOVE Static!

So here at Landmark HQ we are upgrading our light fittings..metaphorically speaking! I first saw the work of Tom & Craig while wandering (slowly as always to take in the view!) through Shoreditch.  I love the constantly changing Landscape, and not being a regular I always manage to find new stuff.  Looking up on a beautiful brick wall I saw the wood cut out of the bold and interesting Chinook Chandelier.  It wasn't big but it had a quality of design and execution that meant I knew I would love their work.  Fast forwards to now and it's been a pleasure to deal with the boys and find out more about their interest in pattern, their tribes and exploring questions of who and what we are.

As is our way, no one escapes the ever probing and unflinching gaze of the LSA big ten questions! If you want to see some of their awesome work click HERE as we now have a range of their original works and new print release, it's super limited and has been proving very popular so don't hang around! Thanks to the boys for taking the time to answer...and this is what they said!

1. What started all of this then?

Finding ourselves at a crossroads between working for someone else or setting up a studio to work for ourselves.

2. Your use of bold colour, repeated pattern and shape seems like a theme to your work, discuss!

Our work often references identity and 'tribes' which we associate with through various signifiers such as what we wear, where we shop, where we live etc. Each of these elements have shapes, patterns & colours that come together to form a backdrop or tapestry that is woven into the story of each persons life.
The works we make try to tell a different story every time, but one that people can relate to and hopefully 'identify' with.

3. Where does a street piece start for you guys?

Most likely it starts from seeing the location and then trying 2 or 3 ideas out, perhaps using whatever we're working on in the studio as a starting point - or trying out a new idea that we've been playing around with.

4. Have you ever been in a chinook?

Not yet - but if anyone can help make that happen please drop us a line!

5. What is the piece in the street that you are both most proud of?

C: Markhouse Road Centre in Walthamstow - 5 sides of a building complex that took us 5 weeks to paint last year and which transformed the 1970's rusted red metallic 'shed' into a colourful, abstract geometric, place of interest not just for the people that use it, but also for the local residents, school kids and people who pass it on a daily basis.

T: Mine would probably be 'The Flowerpot pub' on Wood Street in Walthamstow. It's one of the first projects we did with Wood Street Walls which involved more than just a mural, but a complete revamp of the outside of the pub, including new lights that uplight the mural. The fact that the timescale and weather conditions were so bad, painting in December in - 4 Deg, makes it so much more satisfying that we were able to complete it.

6. Tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind modern muses?

The 'Modern Muses' series are inspired by how we create characters for ourselves and how we choose to reveal the different layers of our personalities. In a digital age it's increasingly harder to distinguish what is real and what has been fabricated - who are we and what makes us who we are?  These were some of the questions we wanted to explore and working with Arabella and Lani gave us the opportunity to direct and evolve these themes in a really unique way.

7. What gives you greatest creative reward - the inception of the idea / the process / or the completion?

Probably all 3 - no matter how good the initial idea, our work takes shape and form during the process when we break it down and pull it apart before it all comes together and is 'completed'. Seeing how people react and respond to our work is also a large part of the reward and pushes us to keep producing and exploring new ideas.

8. Each choose an 8 word sentence to describe your 2018...

C: Wow - this will look great as a background!
T: How did that fly by so bloody fast!

9. On the back of your show Born & Raised what do you think it is about your work that appeals to so many people?

Playful and irreverent approach, bold use of colour and relatable themes.

10. what's your tipple?

C: A 'Shaky Pete's Ginger Brew' please!
T: Pint of Beavertown Gammar Ray


So If you see these guys about over Christmas you know what to buy them!  Thanks again to Tom and Craig.  Contact Ben on 07984672735 for more info or if you have nay questions about the work available.