Tabby Releases Wonder Years Print!

Official release October 11-13, 2019

Coming out this week is a classic which was painted outdoors in 2014. This was the first TABBY piece to make the front page of a major newspaper and will now be available as a print for walls around the world.

Released in two main editions of Classic Grey (80) and Sky Blue (50), this 18x24 inch print shows the very fine detail of a spray paint stencil.


“Wonder Years”
12 PM Eastern time / 5 PM GMT on this sight
Screen Print on 18×24 inches, Pure White 300/m2 paper
Hand signed and numbered
Classic Grey edition of 80 (£120 including worldwide shipping)
Sky Blue edition of 50 (£140 including worldwide shipping)
Combination 1 Grey and 1 Blue variant (£210 including worldwide shipping)

Limit total of 2 prints per person, shipping only charged once (orders exceeding 2 prints will be refunded)
(If shipping is charged twice on multiple orders then it will be refunded after purchase)

There is a special RED (edition 20). This print is not available for purchase at this time but around 30-40% of the edition will be given out at random during this release to everybody taking home a Grey or Blue variant. Teaser shots of the RED variant can be seen at the bottom.