Own Part of The World Record!

So to celebrate Ame72 getting his world record for the Largest Stencil Artwork in the world he has only gone and hacked off one of the original panels and divided it up into sections that have been lovingly framed in hand finished Ikea frames for you to own!

Ame 72 James Ame the Maze For Sale World Record Attempt

For the first 72 hours (see what we did there!) we are offering you an amazing Christmas BOGOF offer so you get both a black and white section framed for the price of one!  After that they go to the normal price...if any are left!  This project has been massive, with weather wrecking the maze at one point and a massive re painting job undertaken by James, no fillers just him and his cans graffing up the full maze, turning it from white boards to the marvel it is today.  Well done James and stay tuned for what might be happening next with the maze!


Click the image below to take you straight to the purchase page, If you re quick you may get two...if not one...if not NONE!

Ame 72 James Ame the Maze For Sale World Record Attempt