Martha Cooper & Friends Graffiti & Street Art Interview: Washington DC June 2019

Martha Cooper Blade, Ame72 and Tabby Interview of Street art & Graffiti: Washington June 2019

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So June was a bit of a crazy month, not least because I was asked to host a talk with these guys! 

While over in America painting with Tabby, Ame72 and Jah One we had to check in, and have a long overdue catch up, with some friends who were organising an amazing event in aid of the Tahirih Justice Center. 

It ended up with this little sit down where I got to chat everything Graf and Street art with four generations of the game, including the legendary photojournalist Martha Cooper, all with different perspectives and takes on the crazy scene both then and now!


We thought it was too good not to share it with you so sit back and enjoy.