Landmark Street Art Collaborates with Austrian Street Artist Tabby

Landmark Gallery collaborates with famous street artist, Tabby, on Carlisle's first major street art.

Tabby Street Art in Carlisle
We are super-excited this morning!  After months of covert planning and preparation, we've pulled off Carlisle's first ever major work of street art!  Our good friend and world-renowned street art superstar, Tabby, is the creative genius behind the two new works that have appeared on Victoria Viaduct and Abbey Street.  Carlisle, you are lucky, lucky people to get this guy on your walls!

Landmark Street Art - Tabby in Carlisle - Butterfly Girl
Being Carlisle's leading authority on street art, the press have been all over us, asking for quotes, what's our opinion on the work, and its impact on Carlisle and the wider street art scene.  Ben is totally in his element, waxing lyrical on urban art!  Meanwhile, the elusive Tabby is dipping in and out of the gallery, hiding in the wings, trying to preserve his anonymity, it's all very amusing!
We've also been interviewed by BBC Radio Cumbria and will be on ITV Border News tonight in front of the piece. We'll post links as and when those articles appear.
If all this street art talk has whetted your appetite, then you're in the right place.  We have a number of exclusive Tabby originals for sale in the gallery and via the website:

To find out more about Tabby and his work, go to his website -
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