Art Under £100

There is still the popular misconception that all contemporary art automatically comes attached to a massive price tag, but this is far from the case.  Here is a quick round up of some amazing pieces from some of our artists that will brighten your lives and not hurt your wallet!  

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Angry Dan

Angry Dan's work is an amazing burst of creativity and colour on the streets and his witty and often highly amusing limericks transfer very well indeed to the indoor space.  Bright and shouty in a very positive way check out what prints he has available here.

Angry Dan Wall Art Under £100 

Jacqueline De Montaigne

Jacqueline's has just released her first print with us at Landmark Street Art and typically for her, she couldn't leave it at that, with each one having a hand applied Portuguese silver leaf background and individual hand painted swallows, these are worth way more than the physical price and are proving very popular for under £100.

Wall Art Under £100

Lucie Flynn

All Lucie's work screams fluidity and passion and with bold combinations of colour and free form brush strokes, it really does not matter if it's a cow, a portrait a nude or an abstract burst of creativity all Lucie's work has impact! Check out her amazingly apt text study here.

Wall Art Under £100

Will Prince

Will has, for many years, been turning heads with his colour block portraits and pop art feel. His originals are often purchased for or by the people in them and Will has a big following in the hip hop and uk grime and rap scene.  He also has amazing hand signed  prints that really pop with his style for under £100!

Travis Scott Wall Art Under £100


When he is not on tour supporting mega stars like Pink or shooting videos for his amazingly awesome music in America, Wrabel (pronounced Ray Bull) proves that simple is effective with his stunning heartfelt screen prints that boil everything down to the core.  Some are sold out but if you are quick you will catch the one that speaks to you!

Wrabel Wall Art Under £100