A Goodbye to ‘Butterfly Girl’

One of the peculiarities of painting on walls is that, when that wall has to come down, our artwork comes too. 

Having adorned the bricks on Brush Brow for over 3 years, we are about to say goodbye to ‘Butterfly Girl’.  This Tabby mural was the first Blank Wall Assassins put up in the city, and it is one that proved so popular that it went on to be released as a print.

Being the first, it was something of a venture into the black: “not knowing if we had permission from the council, or how the city was going to receive it, we were just making it up with the philosophy of asking forgiveness, not permission.”

Fortunately, any worries were averted when the city accepted the mural with wholehearted excitement and warmth. It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that ‘Butterfly Girl’, Tabby, and Ben did much to pave the way for street art in Carlisle. Thus ‘Butterfly Girl’ lives on in each of the 13 murals that succeeded it, along the Street Art Trail.

Tabby and Ben had to hurdle calamity after calamity, to get this mural up - and we’re so glad they managed it in the end. Tabby can tell you all about this in his own blog post we’ve linked below.

Check it out.

'Butterfly Girl', Tabby